Our People

Antonio Mac Global is a progressive fashion brand and manufacturer, offering end to end services to all type of fashion businesses. Individual fashion stores/designers/showrooms as well as established international brands. We specialize in assisting our clients to navigate the fashion industry by providing reliable support, expert advice, and professional service.

Our people are the reason for our success and the source of continued growth and expertise. We are very proud of our staff – they are young, passionate individuals with a strong team spirit.
They have been carefully selected for their professionalism and dedication to the fashion craft. They transform our mission into a reality with their hard work, creativity, and integrity.

Our staff is a collage of individuals, each with a distinct style and taste; who unite as a team to work on a common savoir-faire of ideas.


Our Partners

We created a pool of talented experts with whom we form specialized project teams dedicated to specific projects. Amongst these are Quality control experts, designers, pattern makers, photographers, graphic artists, models, developers, producers, filmmakers, illustrators, and motion designers.




Our 20 years experienced international fashion consultants help you to take your product to the next level, expand your business and realize your brand potential through our coaching and mentoring service.

Antonio Mac Global provides specialized consultancy services to fashion businesses including designers, retailers and lifestyle brands. We deliver bespoke solutions and strategies that are designed to build efficiency, innovation, reduce costs, manage risks while achieving desired growth.

Turning consultancy into a highly personalized experience, Antonio Mac Global forges strong relationships with all clients, recognizing and catering to the unique needs of each individual project.


Antonio Mac Global consultancy services include:

–    StartUp Mentoring program
–    Business Development Consultation
–    Brand & Product development
–    Sourcing and Production
–    Creative direction
–    Lookbook shooting
–    Website development
–    Trend forecasting and analysis
–    Retail strategy, including complete Comprehensive retail concepts
–    Distribution advice




No matter if you are just starting your business and need help understanding the moving parts of the fashion industry or if you need help adapting your existing business to changing times, our consultants can help you.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in one or more of the above.




With over 20 years of experience and expertise, we have set up a global approach to meet market demands with several business divisions. We provide a Vertical full turn key garment manufacturing and development solution from initial concept to the final product.


At ANTONIO MAC GLOBAL we focus on providing our clients with smooth and reliable production of apparel and accessories. We have offices near factories & suppliers and a quality control, merchandising and inspection team keeps a close eye on the production, ensuring that all the client’s requirements are captured and met. 

Each client works with a personal production manager who is your point of contact throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our production managers provide guidance and support through all stages of manufacturing and are dedicated to your success. We will track and communicate each step of the production process and strictly keep to agreed timelines.


We offer a complete production and manufacturing service no matter the size of your brand or where you are located.

The range of services we offer to assist you in bringing your creations to life include; production planning and scheduling, quoting, advice and sourcing of fabrics and accessories, pattern making, sampling, digitizing, grading, marker making and cutting, manufacturing, quality control, fitting service, labeling, packing and logistics – all managed by experienced industry experts in fashion production.




  • Sampling reduces error and risk, which saves money in the long run. We recommend this to all our clients.

  • Prototype Sampling

  • Prototype sampling provides you with a tangible representation of your idea to see how your finished garment might look. It is common to have revisions and changes at this stage. To create a pro­totype, we would need a sample or a technical file.

  • Sales Samples

  • Sales samples allow you to bring your ideas to buyers without committing to costly inventory. Sales samples give the buyer a full understanding of the available products in your line.

  • Pre-Production Samples

  • Pre-production samples showcase exactly what the completed garment will look like in all sizes and styles, including trims, fabrics, and embellishments.  We can assist in organizing this critical step that allows our clients to verify the sizing and grading before going into full production.




Every manufacturer has a story. We seek the best from around the world to make your products. Know Your Manufacturer


Technical Details


A tech-pack is required as to outline the specifications necessary to provide to a factory before a garment is constructed. This document will detail all measurements, quantity, colors, sizing, grading, fabric, embroidery, printing, packing instruction etc. Having a complete tech pack is beneficial in streamlining the process and avoiding unnecessary contact with the designer to validate small details in production.

Antonio Mac Global offers the creation of the tech pack as a service to our clients. We allow you to have your factory specifications in-hand whether you’re manufacturing at our facilities or with another organization. If your interested in learning more send us a request below and we’ll get started!

Pattern making
This step-in manufacturing not only takes skill but is very important in creating a tangible representation of your vision. Today, we can digitize this technical request, but also typically create paper patterns too



Get the specifications right for your target customer. The cost is based on the number of pattern pieces in the style. We strive to deliver a garment that fits perfectly, just as you




We have great products from suppliers around the world.  We evaluate factories and supplier based on their capability to supply the right product and based on their commitment to quality, safety and compliance. With 20 years in the Industry we have the very BEST of THE BEST.

Fabrics & Accessories play an integral part of your design, choosing the right type at the beginning and getting professional advice will eliminate any issues that may arise at the manufacturing stage – It just takes time and research to get there. We can help you and guide you in the direction you need to go.




Our logistics network operates around the clock to get products where they need to be

We offer a custom menu of logistics solutions, from warehousing, transport, repacking, customs brokerage, freight forwarding, and other value-added services to make delivery easy.

Our real competitive strength lies in our people, who work closely with internal and external customers to anticipate their needs and develop solutions to meet or exceed their expectations.


Design Services



We have a hands-on approach to managing every aspect of the supply chain from concept to completion. Our in-house creative department is also available for all customers to use at any time.

Whether customers come to us with a specific direction or need our help in conceptualizing products, our creative team is there every step of the way. Between brainstorming, designing and prototyping, we make sure their vision becomes reality. We also design the best supply chain solutions to optimize pricing, quality, quantity, and delivery of products, enhancing speed to market.

Our team of fashion and graphic designers are creative and innovative. Whether it’s digital, physical or a combination of the two or somewhere in between… true creativity knows no bounds.

No matter how big or small your brand is, forecasting the design and construction of each seasonal piece requires in-depth planning.
We provide support and like to be part of your team.

If you are a beginner, Antonio Mac Global experienced professionals will help streamline your learning curve and push your designs to market.


Starting your own brand

Starting your own clothing line is no simple task, but with the right planning and strategy, there are effective ways of bringing your product to market without breaking the bank.
Work with our Antonio Mac Global consultants to uncover the viability for your line from start to finish. We’ll collaborate on the following areas, so you are set up with a plan:


-Concept Development
-Mood Boards
-Customer Segment
-Market research
-Brand Development
-Range Planning
-Fabric Sourcing
-Technical Design & Sampling
-Product Specifications
-Uncovering Sales Channels
-Retail Planning and More…


Ready Made Wholesale Collections

We have innovative products from designers & suppliers around the world. We offer our clients ready-made collections & products available and in stock all year round. We guarantee competitive pricing, high-quality garments, and reliable service.

We currently represent over 100 collections that can be purchased as they are or re-labeled & amended to suit your target market and branding requirements.

Whether you are looking for new suppliers or you have a network of existing suppliers, we can assist you in your buying process or manage the entire buying process for you. We have an on-ground presence at our wholesaler’s locations and keep you regularly updated and informed of stock availability and your order status.

Our clients benefit from our professional and personalized service in a highly competitive but often an under-serviced market.

We can help you streamline your buying processes.

Our portfolio embodies a mix of fast fashion label, exciting emerging talent, and urban lifestyle brands for men and women across a myriad of areas within the fashion realm.

*conditions apply



Antonio Mac Global is an independent agency offering integrated solutions from production to distribution.

From emerging individual local, ready to wear labels to large, established international brands, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with high-level support and bespoke strategic advice.

Antonio Mac Global can assist your business to establish real opportunities to enter International markets. Our reach stretches from Asia to Europe, connecting buyers worldwide.

We can showcase your brand to retail buyers, stores, showrooms, agents and distributors from more the 30 countries globally