Position Yourself for Increase

What made you successful five years ago will not make you successful moving forward. What got you where you are now or where you were in the past, must not give you the false belief that everything will be OK, and you can put it on autopilot.

You are operating on old programs and like any phone or computer software update you must do the same to work effectively. Sure, your intentions are good and past ways of doing things have possibly provided some results, but you must be perceptive of the new ways in how business is being done.

It requires new ways of doing things new thinking and new partnerships. What worked for you in the past will not work for you in the future.

If you do not innovate you will evaporate.

You cannot rely on what got you where you are to keep you where you are.

The world is changing, and you must stay open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.

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