Antonio MAC Made-to-Order

Antonio MAC made-to-order is an innovative retail solution that enables any upper scale Menswear or Womenswear shop, brand or e- commerce business to design garments and footwear exclusively for their customers on a made-to-order basis.

Antonio MAC will deliver the most advanced solution available in the retail sector that will exceed your expectations on profit margins, quality and simplicity.


  • No costly inventory required

  • Drop shipping with cross-channel capabilities for the e-commerce and brick and mortar markets

  • You only pay for what you order therefore improving cash flow

  • Minimal set up costs for new startups or existing businesses

  • Create your very own private label co-brand

  • 2-3 week production schedules

  • Extensive choice of styles with the ability to create quick turn programs allowing you to quickly respond to changing trends, increasing your customer base and product offering. No more “Seasonal Collections”

  • This allows you to quickly respond to changing trends

  • All Antonio MAC products are manufactured in Europe

Who can benefit?

  • Existing boutiques and fashion brands

  • Professional designers

  • Creative individuals

  • Fashion bloggers

  • Fashion students

  • Fashion lovers

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