3D Fashion Technology Can Save You Time and Money

The impact of 3D is enabling the fashion industry to do things faster and better, all while reducing costs. Product development time can be cut in half, decisions can be made across the globe instantly, and virtual samples mean a more sustainable and cost-effective way to view more styles, while saving fabric. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be incorporating 3D more to maximize your growth and profits.

Close Global Gaps

One of the challenges to global companies and large enterprises is communication. Often a designer is sitting in one city, and the manufacturer is in another time zone. Add to this the time and costs for producing physical samples, and it can take weeks to make one decision. 3D content closes that global gap. Decision makers can communicate internally and externally over different time zones by sharing 3D content across locations – all online. You can have immediate conversations about any changes to a digital prototype without having to wait for a physical sample to be made, and perfect the products in hours instead of weeks.

“Green” is the new black

With 3D, there’s no such thing as being too late to change a design. Designers can get samples, make changes, rework and render virtual images, all at the very last minute – without needing to commit to fabrics. This not only saves costs, but also allows you to be more “green” and sustainable by creating and perfecting virtual samples in true-to-life quality, before even cutting the first piece of fabric.

Faster Decisions & Better Products

Better collaboration means faster decisions, and ultimately better products. Create and bring a product to life by working together at an earlier stage to see garments sooner. For example, speed up decision making with earlier feedback by involving designers early on in the technical design stage to make changes directly within the design process, saving time and the costs of producing physical samples.

More samples, better quality

Save up to 50% of product development time and remove the bottleneck of the physical sample showroom by creating and presenting hundreds of digital samples within a few weeks. Showcase designs in all colorways, sizes, and styles without any additional costs or delay, reducing the amount of physical prototypes by up to half. By the time you get the first physical sample, the approval rate is much higher with all changes being made digitally before being sent to production.

Produce & Leverage a 3D Digital Asset

3D content is a visual asset that can be used as a single, digital file and leveraged from product development throughout sales, marketing and merchandising. You can bring digital samples to sales meetings, use for e-commerce purposes, or even just internally to make faster decisions. There are endless opportunities to showcase full, realistic, true-to-life collections, in all styles and colorways – without even a physical sample.

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